Passionate, dedicated and hard working, Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh has proven herself invaluable to every production on which she Costume Designs. She is an Emmy Award wining designer who has worked for Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, ABC, Warner Brothers/The CW, Dreamworks Television, TNT, the USA Network, SyFy, etc. She is based in Vancouver, Canada.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Farnaz for the last two amazing seasons of The Haunting Hour and previously to that on the Canadian Feature Afghan Luke of which her work has been nominated for a Genie. Its rare to work with someone who is so professional, creative and detail oriented, but to have that as well as someone who everyday brings joy and positivity to work is exceptionally rare. Its inevitable that Farnaz will be developing more and more into a much in demand Costume Designer working the really top jobs. I feel very lucky to be the one working with her now. She is amazing, tireless and fearless, hire her if you can.”

James Hazell, Production Designer, The Haunting Hour – Season 1, 2, and 3 | January 23, 2012